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All About Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean; North Cyprus is the Turkish controlled part of the island of Cyprus. In 1960, Cyprus has been divided into two separate states. Since 1974 the North is called the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) North Cyprus welcomes thousands of tourists each year by air and sea. There are plenty of beautiful sandy beaches and famous, most beautiful wild flowers grow in here. There is lots of history to see everywhere, in Northern Cyprus.

North Cyprus Climate
The climate of Northern Cyprus is basically described as typically Mediterranean type with very hot and dry summers from April to October. And cool warm rainy winters from November to March.

Population of North Cyprus
The population of North Cyprus is more than 350.000 according to census in 2019.

Population Distribution in North Cyprus Cities
Lefkoşa (Nicosia): 62 000
Gazimağusa (Famagusta) population 54 000
Girne (Kyrenia) population 38 000
Güzelyurt population 27 000
İskele: 19 000
Area of North Cyprus
3 355 kilometer square.

Cultural Activities in North Cyprus
You can experience Cypriot Turkish culture with the food, lifestyle, music, language and handcrafts of local people. There are many festivals in Northern Cyprus, organized by almost every municipality.

The food culture is very much apparent in North Cyprus. Fruit and vegetables are grown locally. Turkish food served with a large collection of mezes, dishes starting with various dips and salads and ending with grilled meat or fish in a typical Turkish Cypriot restaurant. You can explore a variety of tastes such as home desserts and jams; can be found at every home to be offered to guests. Handicrafts are also a well-developed sector in North Cyprus. You can discover beautiful Lefkara embroidery which is an old Cypriot tradition. North Cyprus is almost synonymous with homemade olive oil.

Other cultural activities are:

Libraries and publications
Fine arts
Folk art
TV, radio and cinemas
Coastline of North Cyprus
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It stands at the crossroads of three continents and lies 65 km from Turkey’s southern coast. Other neighboring countries are Syria (97 km), Lebanon (108 km), Egypt (370 km), North Cyprus coastline is swarming with rocky coast and golden beaches. The beaches of Northern Cyprus are the most natural and cleanest, in the Mediterranean. The average water temperature is 24 C between May and October

Currency of North Cyprus
The Turkish Lira is the local currency used in North Cyprus although GBP, Dollars and Euros are also widely accepted. Euro checks, Travellers checks and other major currencies may be used or exchanged in currency exchange bureaus.

Language of North Cyprus
Turkish is the official language of Northern Cyprus but English is widely understood and known by large parts of the population.

History of North Cyprus
Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, has had a very eventful history since 8500 B.C, the island have been repeatedly invaded throughout its turbulent history. In Cyprus history, the island was colonized and ruled by Phoenicians, Achaeans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks in different periods until finally after much internal strife the island was granted its independence in 1960.

Borders of North Cyprus
Since 2003 it is possible to pass through the Turkish and Greek borders. If you are a tourist visiting North Cyprus, You must have a valid passport (and visa, if you need one for South Cyprus) at the Turkish Cypriot passport control.

Traffic in North Cyprus
Traffic is on the left and the rules are pretty much the same as the UK in the island. Traffic and road signs are International. Maximum speed is 100 kilometer / hour. Vehicles entering Northern Cyprus must be insured upon arrival. Seat belts must be worn.

Transportation in North Cyprus
There are frequent, inexpensive mini bus services between all the main towns during the day in North Cyprus. There are many places to explore in North Cyprus And many people choose to hire a car from the car hire companies during their visit. There are also several tourism companies that offer transportation services from / to airports and throughout on the island.

Public Holidays of North Cyprus
1 January – New Year’s Day
23 April – Children’s Festival
1 May – Youth and Sports Day
20 July – Peace and Freedom Day
1 August – TMT Day30 August – Victory Day
29 October – Turkish Republic Day
15 November – Proclamation of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Girne (Kyrenia)
The touristic center of North Cyprus is Kyrenia situated on the north coast of Cyprus. Kyrenia is possibly the best holiday area on the island, you can catch the nostalgia by visiting the old charming harbour where yachts and fishing boats. Right near the sea, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants. There is history to see everywhere in the town.

Must-see places in Kyrenia are listed down.

Ancient Shipwreck Museum
The Bellapais Monastery
Kyrenia Sourpmagar Monastery
St. Hilarion Castle
The Anthipanitis Church
Fascinating Buffavento Castle
The Folk Arts Museum
Icon Museum
The Kyrenia Castle
The Kyrenia Harbour
The Hz. Ömer Tomb
Lefkoşa (Nicosia)
Nicosia is the capital city of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the city is the major center for arts, culture, diplomacy and business. Nicosia has a great variety of sights and tourist attractions. In the old city, Nicosia has beautiful examples of Gothic and Ottoman architecture.

Must see places to visit in Nicosia:

Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral)
Kyrenia Gate
The Great Inn (Büyük Han)
Dervish Pasha’s House
The Museum of Barbarism
The Lusignan House
Lapidary Museum
Mevlevi Tekke
Gazimağusa (Famagusta)
Famagusta is a fascinating with full of interesting city to discover. The City is known for its beautiful, sandy beaches. Famagusta has preserved important historical sites from the ancient times. Outside the city, the old town of Famagusta has lots of spectacular history to visit.

Must see places to visit in Nicosia:

The spectacular ruins of Salamis and St. Barnabas Icon, Archaeological Museum, Lala Mustafa Paşa Mosque and Venitian Ruins, Incirli Caveare the most lovable places in this city.

The Karpaz Peninsula
The Karpaz peninsula stretches to cover the remainder of the north eastern shores of Northern Cyprus. The only convenient way of exploring karpaz is by car with golden sandy finest beaches, famous wild donkeys, historical and archaeological sites, Christian churches and traditional Cypriot villages, the Karpaz Peninsula is perfect for those who wants to explore this fantastic area with hidden history. Karpaz is like an open area museum with so many ancient towns, basilicas, monuments, Byzantine churches, tombs and ruins.

The last and most significant site to see is the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas (St. Andrew), which is and its outbuildings are being renovated.

Hotels, Beaches, Holiday in North Cyprus
North Cyprus is an excellent place with beautiful climate, friendly people not only for leisure, but also for tourism with enormous tourist locations, hotels and beach resorts. As a holiday destination, North Cyprus has a charm all its own. There are many of lovely hotels in North Cyprus offering elegant accommodation and splendid views overlooking the turquoise sea of Mediterranean.

North Cyprus hotels provide high standards of accommodation and excellent value to their guests. Hotels are also ideal for families to accommodate. If you are interested in a beach holiday in North Cyprus there are some beautiful beaches in and around Kyrenia and Famagusta Hotels.

Many of the North Cyprus Hotels are located in Kyrenia. There are also number of public beaches that have been adopted by Beach Clubs and Hotels in Kyrenia. Famagusta Hotels offer the chance for you to be close to many historical sites and also Famagusta has a varied coastline and amenities for swimmers.

The North Cyprus Hotels offer quality food and accommodation and provide a high quality services to all their residents. Even if you would not like to spend more for the accommodation services then you can have the chance to look for those hotels which can just be Budget-friendly.

Whatever you choose, one thing you can be sure with North Cyprus hotels all of these hotels will answer all your needs from a holiday accommodation and make your make your holiday unforgettable. The touristic infrastructure is being developed quickly of the island because of the millions of vacationers come North Cyprus every day to see the beauties of this island.

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