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Black Sea

TRABZON An Inspiration For Travellers

An inspiration for world-renowned travellers like Xenophon, and Evliya Çelebi who immortalized Trabzon in his travel book. Trabzon, whose history stretches back into very early times, is a hub of cultural and natural riches in the eastern Black Sea Region.…

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SINOP, A Lovely Natural Harbour

The northernmost tip of Turkey welcomes you to the homeland of the famous philosopher, Diogenes the Cynic. Sinop is one of the most beautiful natural harbours of Turkey’s Black Sea coast. The first evidence of civilization here dates back to…

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SAMSUN The Lands Seeding Republic of Turkey

The commercial port of Turkey’s Black Sea is the city where the winds of the Amazon Warriors once blew. Thanks to its commercial importance, Samsun became home to various civilisations in very old times; however, in-not-so-distant-past, on 19th May 1919,…

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RIZE, Midpoint for Nature Tourist

Reward yourself and experience the best tea ever in its homeland, Rize! Located on the eastern coastline of the Black Sea, Rize is built on a mountainside covered with tea shrubs that look like puffy emerald pillows. It is like…

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KASTAMONU For All Seasons

Enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of Kastamonu that inspires believers, skiers and ecologists! Situated inland amid beautiful forests, the city of Kastamonu boasts several important monuments: the 12th-century Byzantine castle built by Comnenes, the 13th-century Atabey Mosque and the 14th-century İbni…

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KARABÜK History Alive

Step back in time inside the lovely old world style traditional homes of the charming city of Safranbolu which are unique in Turkey for their outstanding design and construction. Karabük is Turkey’s leading industrial centre for iron and steel production.…

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HATTUŞAŞ, The Capital Standing the Test of Time

Located within the boundaries of Boğazkale District, southwest of Çorum, Hattusas had served as the capital of the Hittite Empire for 450 years, between 1650-1200 BC, extending over a 180-hectare rough and rocky terrain. During the Hittite Empire, this magnificent…

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Giresun, The Pearl of the Black Sea

Renowned for its rich cuisine and enchanting copper works, Giresun is the city to have spread cherry across the world. Giresun, the pearl of the Black Sea, is a lovely coastal city where the colours of blue and green embrace…

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