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NEMRUT Mountain of Gods – Turkey

The Mount Nemrut is one the highest peaks of the Mesopotamia, and its summit at 2,206 metres above the sea level contains the tomb of King Antiochus I of Commagene, commissioned by himself. The gigantic statues of gods, each weighing…

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Mardin A Shining City to Mesopotamia

With an architectural heritage that bedecks the steep slopes with elegantly built golden houses, Mardin guides you to a rich cultural and religious diversity unfolded in every corner. Mardin is an enchanting city demonstrating a cultural wealth and architectural heritage…

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BATMAN A Stellar History Inside – TURKEY

Batman, a museum-like city, is home to the ancient Hasankeyf- a priceless iconic treasure at the Tigris River. The archaeological excavations which have taken place at the Hallan Çemi Mound in the county of Kozluk near Batman have unearthed various…

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