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Working Permission (Turkey)

Generally, every foreigner who wants to work in Turkey should get valid work permission. The foreigner must have a labor contract, accompanying with the online work application materials to submit to the Turkish embassy or the consulate in his country…

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Why TURKEY for termal cures and wellness

First in Europe Natural springs have been resources to prevent and treat diseases, reduce stress and improve the quality of life since the antiquity. Today thermal waters are applied throughout treatment procedures at clinics and for preventive care, also for…

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TURKEY, Zeugma Mosaic Museum

The splendid collection of Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep alone is probably sufficient to attract enthusiasts of history and culture as well as art historians and archaeologists of the world to visit Turkey. In terms of the floor area of…

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TURKEY, Traditional craftmanship of chini making

Glazed tile and ceramic household stuffs or wallboards of several colours and motifs made by firing the pulped clay soil are called “çini”. Çini-making means the craftsmanship shaped around traditional Turkish art of çini since 12th century with its own…

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TURKEY, The art of meddah

The Art of the Meddah (Public Storytelling) may be described as the art of telling stories for the purpose of entertaining an audience with impersonations and animation. Those who practice this art are called meddah from metheden, the Arabic word…

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TURKEY, Semah Alevi Bektashi Rutial

The semah performed during the service (cem) as required by Alevi and Bektaşi belief is a means of reaching God through mystical and aesthetic movements executed in harmony with the rhythm of music and song accompanied by a saz (Turkish…

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