Let us sell your properties / projects abroad

Let Us Sell Your Properties, Projects in Turkey to Foreing Markets


It can be stressful when you are taking the step towards selling your property/properties abroad and especially if you are not familiar with the market.

Do you want to market your property? Or, do you want to sell it?

We focus on marketing your property just to sell it. Our team members in various countries are experts in the international property market and they make sure that your property advertisement is seen by the right client. We employ professional copywriters to write adverts for your property. We study your property, identify the target market, and focus our attention on making your property seen by those who are most interested in and able to buy it.
As Emapark Real Estate, we market the properties on a large variety of platforms to reach as many potential buyers as possible. International portals, newsletters, local marketing, social media, with agent abroad, magazines and more. High exposure is crucial to find the right buyer.

As Emapark Real Estate, let’s market and sell your properties together in the foreign markets.

Before you take the final step and decide to sell your property our team will assist you on with any questions you have.

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