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North Cyprus Properties – 8 reasons to buy one

North Cyprus is the new  Mediterranean property hotspot!  With buyers from the
UK, East and West Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East increasingly lining
up to buy a North Cyprus villa or apartment.
This article explores the 8 top reasons for this – so read on for news about how
YOU can benefit from a secure, low-cost yet fast-rising North Cyprus  property
investment  in this unique non-Euro-zone economic area with an international
population of residents from all over the world.  
Non Euro-zone
The non Euro-zone status of Northern Cyprus, previously seen as a DIS-
incentive to many, has recently become a huge bonus and sales point for
overseas property buyers. All North Cyprus property prices are linked to the
stable pound sterling which is the de facto international currency in the TRNC,
where shops and restaurants also widely accept the pound as well as the
Turkish Lira. By contrast, many other Mediterranean property destinations
(such as Spain, Greece or South Cyprus) are all priced in euros which have
fallen in value recently. In addition, the unstable nature of the Greek banking
system which obviously affects both Greece and  southern Cyprus  is putting
investors off from investing generally in those countries. In North Cyprus,
investors and lifestyle property buyers have “the best of both worlds” – getting
their property value fixed to a stable currency whilst also gaining a low cost of
living (due to favourable exchange rates against the Turkish Lira), which makes
eating out, shopping or furnishing a new North Cyprus property extremely
affordable. In addition, the stable Turkish banks in North Cyprus offer great
rates of interest for both pound and lira deposit accounts. For all these
reasons,  buying property  in non Euro-zone North Cyprus is a great investment.
Cyprus Climate 
The North Cyprus climate is a huge incentive to those wishing to buy property
overseas. North Cyprus offers on average 340 days of sun per year and the
warmest winter temperatures of anywhere in the general European area, being
also warmer than Turkey. This makes the TRNC attractive both to those coming
from cooler countries such as the UK, as well as to those ex-pats and native
residents of the hotter Middle Eastern countries such as UAE, Bahrain and
Oman who want their own villa or apartment in a milder climate! North Cyprus
summer temperatures in July and August rarely exceed 38C and the winter is
mild with frost almost unheard of. Unlike the Middle East, Cyprus offers four
distinct seasons, all offering unique attractions with the lush green Spring
particularly beautiful and attracting many nature-lovers, wild-flower
enthusiasts and walkers. Many ex-pat  property investors  from Europe love the
Cyprus spring and autumn with April – June and September – November
particularly popular. Cyprus climate is ideal for golf for almost all the year and
North Cyprus offers golf properties at a very reasonable price close to the
brand new 18 hole Korineum Golf Course.

There are two major airports in Cyprus: Ercan (Lefkosa) in the Northern part
and Larnaca Airport in the south of Cyprus. Any property seeker with either a
European or Commonwealth passport, or Schengen visa is free to enter via the
global hub of Larnaca airport, which offers fabulous connections all over the
world. Ercan airport in the North of Cyprus requires no advance visa and is
therefore ideal for those non-Schengen nationals who can easily and
affordably arrive via Turkey. Flights from the south of Turkey to Ercan take
only 40 minutes. Cyprus is geographically exactly halfway between the UK and
the Middle East, making it a perfect vacation property base for ex-pat residents
of either area. In fact, it is halfway geographically, climatically, and culturally
and provides an ideal starting point to explore the Middle East, Turkey, North
Africa and beyond.
You are ALL welcome
Yes that’s right, almost every passport holder in the world can enter or live in
North Cyprus with no advance visa required. Not only that, but almost
everynational can also buy property in the TRNC! Once you have an address,
you can easily apply for North Cyprus Residency, which is renewable annually
as long as you can prove your ability to support yourself financially and that
you have no communicable or serious diseases. This visa flexibility in
Northern Cyprus is what makes the TRNC very attractive to those from many
countries across the world for property investment as well as for study at one
of the many Universities in Northern Cyprus which teach in English. Please
check with your travel agent or local Turkish Embassy prior to booking your
travel to North Cyprus – occasionally you will need to apply for an advance
visa for Turkey if you are arriving into North Cyprus to view property via
Turkey, into Ercan Airport.
Price of Property
North Cyprus property is far more affordable than Turkey and many other
Mediterranean locations for the same standard of property. It is also more
exclusive, offering a unique island atmosphere. Some property investors who
compare North Cyprus with either the south of the island or Turkey find that
although prices may initially look similar, they get far better quality and a better
beachfront location for the same price as they do in more crowded locations in
those other countries.
Rich Culture
Northern Cyprus offers a unique blend of history, fabulous cuisine, Turkish
culture and classical music and other festivals. Where else in the
Mediterranean can you find, in such a close proximity,  annual classical music
festivals  against the backdrop of the hauntingly beautiful Bellapais Abbey, a
unique Turkish Cypriot cuisine with a wide selection of world-class North
Cyprus eating places, traditional craft and other local festivals, and a rich
history of ancient castle, tombs and sites thousands of years including Greek
temples, Roman cities, Persian Palaces, Crusader castles and much more! In
addition, the natural beauty of the Karpaz wilderness and the Besparmak
mountains which rise up behind Kyrenia, “the jewel of the Mediterranean”
leave most first-time visitors to North Cyprus realising they have unwittingly
started a love affair which will become a life-long passion. It is this passion
which leads many North Cyprus property seekers to buy their little part of
heaven and come back year after year to their North Cyprus home.
Unspoilt Nature
North Cyprus offers all of the brand new facilities which property owners
and  holidaymakers  require, but is at the same time retains a lovely, unspoilt
environment in which to enjoy your holiday or retirement in the TRNC. The
unspoilt, natural charm of the traditional countryside villages and the lovely
welcoming nature of the Turkish Cypriot people are very appealing to property
buyers. Many North Cyprus villa and apartment complexes have as a backdrop
the rapidly rising Besparmak (Five Finger) mountain range which sweeps down
to the north coast beaches beyond. TRNC property investors have the choice
between city properties with easy access to the charming Kyrenia Harbour with
its “Monte Carlo”-style nightlife, restaurants, casinos and yachts, or a
beachfront or mountainside property in a village or the countryside surrounded
by fields, olive or carob groves and local character yet with many only 20-30
minutes’ drive from the buzzing city. Even many town-centre properties in
North Cyprus have views to the mountains and can enjoy the floodlit St.
Hilarion Castle at night, perched on the mountaintops behind Kyrenia. Unspoilt
natural beauty is never far away for a North Cyprus property owner, whether
you choose the north coast, east coast or west coast as your preferred
location. The popular east coast near to Famagusta and the unspoilt more
distant Karpaz Peninsula offer long stretches of sandy North Cyprus beaches,
whilst the less developed west coast is great for water sports and kite-surfing,
fuelled by the favourable winds on that side of Cyprus. Whatever type of
environment you love, you will find it in North Cyprus.
State of the Art facilities
If you are seeking a North Cyprus property as a base for your own lifestyle or
retirement, you will no doubt wantto know what activities you can enjoy. The
great news is that there has been huge recent investment into both new
marinas and a brand new 18 hole golf course.  The Karpaz Gate Marina  on the
Cyprus “pan-handle” is now attracting yacht owners from all over the world
and offers a high-end range of shops, banks and other facilities. In addition,
there are two marinas in Kyrenia and others planned. Golfers enjoy the
challenge of the  Korineum golf course  perched on the hillside close to Kyrenia
and with stunning views over the Mediterranean. This North Cyprus 18 hole
green and world-class driving range also offers a luxurious clubhouse,
restaurants and spa which is open to non-members. If shopping is what you
want to do during your holidays or visits to North Cyprus, you will not be
disappointed by the range of clothes, jewellery and other stores in Kyrenia and
the main Dereboyu shopping area of North Nicosia (Lefkosa). North Cyprus
also offers much for the younger visitors in terms of turtle watching in the
summer, water-parks, paint-balling, bowling and go-karting centres as well as
wonderful beaches to play on all day long.

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