Why you should buy property in North Cyprus?

Why you should buy property in North Cyprus

Why you should buy property in North Cyprus?

The main questions that future house owners ask before buying property overseas are, why
should I choose one particular country over the other? What are the pros of a given offer on the
market over similar ones? As a matter of fact there are plenty of offers on the market, and any
savvy buyer would want to invest his savings optimally and enjoy the benefits. There is an
increasing number of people who found the right answers to these questions and bought property
in North Cyprus, and I am going to explain why.

Why you should buy property in North Cyprus?


Currently, the real estate market in North Cyprus is offering the best prices in Mediterranean
region. The prices for affordable property in coastal regions start from £ 20, 000 for Resales
apartments and £ 62, 000 for Resales villas. For new Apartments the starting prices is from
£40,000. Luxury apartments and villas are currently sold in the range of £ 250, 000 for
apartments and up to over a million for villas.

Annual growth

Annual growth of your investment in real estate ranges from 5 – 12 %. This is true of
acquisitions mostly on the stage of development.

Legal paperwork

There is no need to establish a legal entity in order to buy property in North Cyprus. The legal
procedures required to buy real estate are quite simple, and are sufficient to establish your
sole ownership of the property.

Payment plans

Most developers offer 3-year interest-free payment plan or 10-year mortgage on your house.
The rates vary from 5.2 to 11% per annul.


Visa free entry

The only thing you need in order to travel to North Cyprus is a valid passport. One can stay for
up to 90 days as a tourist, and after that make a re-entry to continue living in the country.
However, it is best to apply for residency if you are staying in the country for more than 180
days per year. There is no restrictions on residence for foreign nationals over 60 years old.

Residency permit

Those who are planning to stay in North Cyprus for longer than 6 months per year are eligible to
obtain residency. It is an easy process and will only take 21 days. In order to obtain residency
you have to become a property owner, fill out the paperwork and apply to the appropriate office.
Residency does not imply that you have to stay in Cyprus permanently, but grants you a right
for re-entry for as long as your residency paperwork is valid.

Permanent residency

Following the 6-year residency in Cyprus, foreign nationals have a right to become permanent

Easy Immigration


And finally, the main reason people love Cyprus is because of its 320 sunny days a year. Even today, on April
7th, the weather outside is +28 Celsius! Summer begins sometime in April, and lasts until the end of November.
The colder season, which people here regard as winter, lasts from November until March, with average
temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius. Mediterranean Sea and never ending sunshine make people happy yearlong!

Life style

One of the lesser-known benefits of Cyprus is the fact that it is virtually crime free. Having arrived to Cyprus for
the first time tourists are surprised to see people’s doors and windows wide open. What’s more, people leave their
cars open with the keys in ignition – it is that safe. In general, people around are nice and always willing to help.
The island’s rich history created a mixture of many different cultures and made its inhabitants extremely friendly
and tolerant towards foreigners.


North Cyprus has plenty of places for entertainment and recreation, both for adults and for children. Five star
hotels offer a variety of entertainment activities, including casinos, fine restaurants, nightclubs that are open to
patrons who are not staying in the hotels. There are bowling centers with lots of attractions for children, cinemas
with facilities for kids and much more. Also, there are many historical sights that you must visit in Cyprus. And
of course the most important highlight of the island – its golden beaches!

Life in Northern Cyprus

If you wish to assure yourself and see everything first hand, we
are willing to provide a 100% free inspection trip, which includes
3 days in North Cyprus for you to enjoy and become acquainted.
For more information, related to our inspection trip,
please contact us.

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